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Issue No. 11

November 22, 2010


Fresh Start in 2011


The New Year is here, and with it comes big changes at the State Capitol.  In 2011, we will have a new Governor and Lt. Governor, a new Secretary of State, three new Supreme Court justices, 29 new State Representatives and 9 new State Senators. Click here to read more.


Meet the New Legislators


One in four legislators will be new to the Iowa Legislature in 2011. With 25% of the Legislature learning the ropes this year, it is more important than ever to get involved and help educate your legislators about the issues you care about.Click here to read more.


Special Election News

Two State Senators have resigned to take new jobs in the Branstad Administration. Sen. Kim Reynolds will become Iowa's new Lt. Governor; Sen. Larry Noble will be the new Department of Public Safety Director.  Their special elections have been set for January 4 (today) and January 18.  Click here to read more.


New 2011 Committees Announced


Every two years, legislative leaders make changes in committee membership.  Click here to find out which legislators will be serving on the committees that most directly impact disability policy.  Click here to read more.


New Department Heads Announced


The Branstad Transition Office has asked all current state agency directors to submit their letters of resignation. Governor Branstad has made a number of announcements in the past three weeks, keeping some directors and replacing others.  Here is where we are as of the end of the year 2010. Click here to read more about the nineteen (and counting) department head decisions.


Getting Ready for 2011 Session


Legislators and state agencies are allowed to request bills before the legislative session starts on January 10.  These are called "pre-filed bills."  You can read these, and check out the 2011 Session Calendar by clicking here.


State Budget Update


The state Revenue Estimating Conference increased its estimates for this year (fiscal year 2011) and next year (fiscal year 2012).

The estimates were increased for the current fiscal year (fiscal year 2011) by $34.1 million and for the next fiscal year (fiscal year 2012) by $85.5 million. Click here to read more.


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Fresh Start in 2011

Meet the New Legislators

Special Election News

New 2011 Committees Announced

New Department Heads Announced

Getting Ready for 2011

State Budget Update



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