Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Candeo! Your participation is essential to our quest to inspire our clients to achieve their personal goals.  Here, you have the opportunity to help our clients meet their essential need for community involvement and friendship.  As an individual, an organization, or as a group of friends, you’re invited to get to know the people we work with and see everything they have to offer. 


With flexible options that meet your time and availability, you can choose your level of engagement.  Many of our clients are looking for someone to hang out with for an afternoon, and others would prefer a mentor who could commit to seeing them monthly. Got an hour?  Come play a board game or chat over coffee.  On your way to a worship service?  We have an exceptional person who would like to come along and have you introduce them to your faith community.  Going to the gym after work?  Invite our folks and you can motivate and inspire one another.  Got a group?  Come help at one of our big events, like the Candeo Picnic or the annual Wheelchair Basketball Competition.


Candeo’s mission is to inspire clients to achieve their personal goals.

Candeo’s vision is a community empowered by the contribution of all.

Volunteering helps all become part of the community we built together.


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